Top 5 actors we’re excited to see for TIFF 16!


TIFF 2016 is literally around the corner and is easily our favourite time of the year. Check out our list of the top 5 actors we’re most excited to see! (Not all confirmed actors, but who we’re hoping to see make an appearance) 

  1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Snowden 
    Not only has it been three years since Gordon-Levitt was last here for Don Jon, he was also one of the more difficult actors to spot. Hopefully we get a better glimpse of him this year!

2. Leonardo Di Caprio for Before the Flood
We are really hoping for this one. Di Caprio produced and stars in Before the Flood. Can’t see why he wouldn’t make an appearance?!


3. Ryan Gosling for La La Land
Last time Gosling made an appearance at TIFF was in 2012. Gosling will finally return with La La Land alongside Emma Stone (Who we’re also excited to see)

4. Amy Adams for Arrival
Adams has a few films this year including Nocturnal Animals and Arrival (Which reminds us a lot of last years The Martian). Yes we will be waiting for your Arrival Amy. 

5. The cast of The Magnificent seven
This film definitely has an all-star cast line up. Hence why it’s the official opening film for this years festival. From Chris Pratt to Cam Cigandet, Matt Bomer, and Denzel Washington…this is definitely one of the most exciting films for TIFF 2016. 

Let us know who you’re excited to see! 


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