Eligible Magazine presents TIFF Bachelor Party


On Friday, September 16, Eligible Magazine held their annual TIFF Bachelor party, with the red carpet hosted by seasoned Bachelor franchise veteran Tenley Molzahn. Although Molzahn killed the red carpet, it’s safe to say that the many of the girls in attendance were hoping to leave with a rose from bachelors Robbie Hayes, Brett Melnick, Jared Haibon, and Vinnie Ventiera.

The Xtra Mile was invited with The “Blackfly Beverages” VIP tickets which was strictly for pre-paid ticket holders and media. This ticket includes specialty cocktails, appetizers, delicious desserts and admittance to the main party starting at 10pm.


Robby And Tenley

We arrived fashionably late (around 9pm) for our VIP meet and greet and hurried inside. What we expected: some sort of organized system (perhaps a line?) that would allow the guests to have their time with each bachelor. What happened: Me and my girl throwing a search party and fighting off the other girls for some one on one time a la Olivia Caridi.

The first Bachelor we locked eyes with was Robby Hayes. Not only is Robbie extremely handsome (which we obviously already knew), but super genuine. He took the time to engage with guests and take lots of photos.


Next up: Jared Haibon. If only we could find him. After circling the club a few times, we finally spotted Ashley I’s imaginary boyfriend. He was being cornered by a plethora of eager girls, all hoping to get their “one-on-one” time with the heartthrob. In hindsight, I guess I should of expected that. We waited over 20 minutes, but before we could have our chance, Jared was ushered to the DJ booth where he joined Robby and Vinny Ventiera, who pleasantly surprised us with DJ skills.

Vinny was sure to pump up the crowd and showcase his versatility with music ranging from Big Sean’s “I Don’t Fuck With You: to a little #flashbackfriday hit with The Backstreet Boy’s “I want It That Way.” Jared reminded us why he’s a fan favourite by busting out his dance moves and lip syncing to every song.


On the way out, we ran into Brett Melnick. We weren’t sure that it was even him because he didn’t have his lamp with him. Nonetheless, he was extremely gracious and was happy to pose for a photo with us.

Kudos to Eligible Magazine for hosting another great TIFF Bachelor Party. Can’t wait to see which of our favourite reality TV stars show up next year!

[Review by Jessica Anelli]


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