A Night With Nick Carter At The Danforth Music Hall


On Wednesday, November 9 The New Electric, Dan Talevski and Backstreet Boy Turned solo artist Nick Carter graced The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto for a night that was filled with singing, dancing, of course screaming. Ever since I found out who the Backstreet Boys at the age of 4 years old Nick Carter has always been my favourite member, heck he was my first celebrity crush. So saying that I was excited to finally get to him live was a complete understatement!

The New Electric 


The first act of the night was The New Electric. They immediately grabbed my attention with the Nintendo sounding intro followed by and upbeat song which then transitioned into a heartfelt ballad “Inside out”. This song allowed me to truly see the kind of talent that lead singer Kyle McKarney has. Throughout the performance the whole band was very energetic and truthfully really fun to watch. At one point during the show the band tried to get the whole audience to stand out and dance with them, however no one stood up which was quiet disappointing to see. Despite no one standing up it was quiet apparent that the people around me were indeed enjoying themselves. Towards the end of the final song,  “Life’s What You Make It”, Kyle McKarney jumped off the stage and informed the audience that they will be doing a signing at the mercy booth. Personally I love when bands do this because it allows for the band and the fans to connect. Now that I got the chance to see The New Electric live I must say that these guys deserve positive recognition! I look forward to seeing how far they will go.

Dan Talevski


Up next was Dan Talevski, before coming to this show I knew that his name sounded familiar but wasn’t sure why. However, as soon as he stepped out on stage I instantly recognized the first song “Guilty As Sin”. Mid way into his performance he mentioned how he got his start on YouTube and how he was signed to Interscope Records but then came to realize it wasn’t for him due to the fact that they had complete control over him and what he sang, wrote on wore. He went on to say that since he got his start on YouTube singing cover songs, that he would like to preform some that night. Dan ended up singing songs from two of the biggest Canadian artists right now which are Justin Beiber and The Weeknd. The final song of the night was his newest single “Rocket”. His performance overall really impressed me and really “Knocked Us Off Our Feet”. (Wink, wink)

Nick Carter 


15 Minutes after he was scheduled to begin Nick Carter finally made his way to the stage. When the moment finally arrived everyone in the crowd sprang out of their seats and began to scream with excitement. All this built up excitement had the crowd going crazy.Nick carter opened up with “Blow Your Mind”. Having never seen Nick Carter before I was honestly quiet impressed to see how well he could sing and play guitar. It honestly made me question why I never went to see him before. Nick Carter played both new and old songs from his solo albums some of which included “All American” which turned into “All Canadian”, “I Need You Tonight”, “Help Me” and “Burning Up”. He also played a bunch of Backstreet Boys’ best hits including “As Long As You Love Me”, “I Want It That Way”, and “Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely” (both of which were preformed acoustically) all of which made me fan girl like crazy.
About an hour and a half into his set he began to reflect on his time in the backstreet boys. He went on to say that while he was dancing and singing along to very pop sounding and up-beat music, backstage he would be listening to heavy metal and rock. He then mentioned that in the 90’s Oasis happened to be one of his favourite bands at the time and that he wanted to sing one of his favourite songs from them which was “Wonderwall”. This was a nice surprise as Oasis happens to be one of my favourite bands as well.
After a quick outfit change he came running onto stage full of energy. As soon as the fist note hit I knew he would be singing “Larger Than Life”. Dance moves and all nick carter kept the crowd begging for more. Soon after preforming “Get Over Me” the crowd began to chant “one more song, one more song!” until the house lights turned on, leaving people a little disappointed that there wasn’t going to be an Encore. With that being said the concert as a whole did not disappoint at all.


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