TOMFW’17 Opening Party at Rebel


As TOM* 2017(Toronto Men’s Fashion Week) comes to a close, we were graced with designers showcasing vibrant styles, over-the-top looks, and refreshing fashion trends emerging from the eclectic souls. Now, with all these designers in one city, especially being in Toronto, there was bound to be the same vibrant, over-the-top parties happening throughout the week.

The opening night party for TOM* 2016 was a real treat. Having a mix of local designers, international visitors, and the general public, gave an insight into the diversity that Toronto had to offer.
And the TOM* 2017 opening night party inside NOIR at Rebel Night Club was something unlike any other night party for TOM*. Greeted by beautiful ladies and handsome men handing out drink tickets to loosen the night, we were then surprised with a CADMEN pop-up showcasing their on-site hair cuts and clipping skills, as well as delicate desserts dressed up in gold and chocolate.

With a venue as large as Rebel, it was only fitting that to have major A-List members of the Toronto community come out. From Big Brother Canada members, to local artist, and incredible Toronto models – the night was filled with much eye-candy.

11pm opened the doors to the general public as Rebel operates as a newer club in the Toronto region only opening its door this past year. Those invitees attending the NOIR opening night event had access to what Rebel offered, and being a first time goer, was a great addition. With different musical rooms, to popcorn service and booths filled with dancers on poles with the bottle service girls dressed to kill, it has set a high bar for opening night parties to come.

TOM* really knows how to set the bar when it comes to fashion, partying and lifestyle in Toronto, and TOM* 2017’s opening night party was just a snippet of the weeks incredible events planned for the upcoming days.

[Review by James Gomez]

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