CMW & Embrace Entertainment Presents: Papa Roach With One Bad Son.


The first band I managed to catch was One Bad Son. The last time I saw this band they played a small venue in Toronto called Cherry Cola’s so after finding out they were playing with Papa Roach at the Danforth music hall made me eager to see what they had in store. As soon as the band walked out on stage they were ready to rock! Opening up the set with Made In Rock and Roll followed by their newest single Raging bull allowed the audience to get a tasted of what and who One Bad Son was really all about. As the set went on it was easy to see how the crowd began to open up and react to the band. The band played a number of their greatest hits such as Satellite Hotel, Scarecrows, and Black Buffalo. One Bad Son’s energetic performance along with their killer guitar solos and all around rock and roll vibes made for one amazing set.

Up next was the band everyone, including myself, had been waiting for…. Papa Roach. After waiting about 45 minutes to an hour after One Bad Son ending it was evident to see that the crowd was getting quite restless.As the audience began chanting “Papa Roach, Papa Roach, Papa Roach”, the lights went out and Papa Roach made their way to the stage.  Starting off their set with a song from their new upcoming record with the same name “Crooked Teeth” followed by …To Be Loved had the crowd going crazy. By the second song, there was already a sizeable circle pit that seemed to last the whole set. To my surprise, Papa Roach wasted no time in playing two of their most well-known songs Scars, and Last Resort about sixth song into their performance. Lead singerJacoby Shaddix, along with Jerry Horton, Tobin Esperance, and Tony Palermo seemed to have non stop energy all show, runing from side to side with no signs of slowing down. As the set went on I was actually surprised at just how many songs I knew from them, both old and new. Some of those songs being Kicked In The Teeth, Face Everything And Rise, and even a cover of Blur’s Song 2. Before the last song, Between Angels and Insects, was even over Jacoby jumped into the crowd and crowd surfed until he was put down and pretty much moshed his way to the back of the venue.Overall I really enjoyed Papa Roach’s set, not only were they super energetic but the interactive set made for a killer show. If/when they come back to Toronto I will be sure to see them again. What an amazing way to kick of Candian Music Week 2017.

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