A sexy night out with “Magic Men Live”

Looking for a fun girl’s night out thats more than just a raunchy visit to a local strip bar? Magic Men Live hit Toronto for the first time June 4. 

Initially, I was a bit nervous to see the show, since I have actually never been to a strip bar before let alone a live theatre version of the steamy Magic Mike movies. Admittedly, I also secretly wished that Channing Tatum would make an appearance, because that would be the best, right? Unfortunately, Channing didn’t get to make it but maybe he’ll swing by in an upcoming fantasy, who’s with me?

The show took place at the Danforth Music Hall which was of course flooded with women. They waited anxiously as we stood in line for about an hour before finally getting seated and getting to see the much anticipated shirtless spectacle.

Yet another hour crawled by before the show began, so my friend and I sipped on our beers as we watched all the women get more and more riled up, the estrogen growing thick in the air. Of course, the audience was comprised of all ladies; single and married, young and older, looking for a sexy escape from the mundane reality most of us are exposed to. And what can I say, the show definitely delivered that sought after distraction. At approximately 8:00P.M., the lights dimmed and the screen on stage lit up, while a dramatic voice began to narrate of what was to come. Everyone began to cheer and scream as the events’ host Myles, skipped onto the stage to commence the illicit performances we were going to see. I on the other hand, was getting a little impatient and really just wanted to see naked men on stage (sorry not sorry to my boyfriend ). What I mean to say, is things took a little while to get to where I wanted but I suppose that would mean the show was successful in keeping our attention.

Finally, we were taken back to Los Angeles 1951, and about four men dressed as gangsters began to dance, very reminiscent to the original film. The sexual energy grew high and higher as more pieces of clothing were ripped off. The shirtless dancers exposed their very fit bodies and beguiled the crowd into a hypnotic trance. The best part was of course when they joined the audience and invited random women to a one on one encounter. I won’t lie, I nearly tripped over myself trying to get in one of those dances. My friend and I roared with laughter as we watched the camera guy following the performers auditorium, scantily clad in their teeny tiny boxer briefs. I’d pay big money to have his job. A number of similar routines followed, and of course it wouldn’t be the same without a 50 Shades of Grey reenactment, where a fellow dancer invites an audience member to be his “Anastasia Steele”. i must say, the Magic Men version was much better than the entire BDSM franchise itself. After a slew of sexually charged scenes, including a “Netflix and Chill” number, an intermission of sorts was introduced by Myles, in which the ladies could all enjoy a little tete a tete with dancers for a mere $20. I wasn’t too thrilled about this seeing as I wasn’t prepared to bring cash, and not only that, the girls got maybe 30 seconds of it. I think I could do a lot more with $20. Maybe even get my s/o to do it for free? Regardless, I got a bit of attention from one of the men, Troy, (I later scoped out his profile on Instagram ). It was short-lived, but definitely memorable.

My absolute favourite part of the performances, had to be when they did the classic Magic Mike scene, you know, the part where Channing Tatum dances to “Pony”?  That and the boy band revival including  Backstreet Boys and N’Sync number. And lets not forget where the host, yes Myles ( also my favourite) finally took his clothes off.

Overall, i was entertained and enjoyed the show. The men showed us a couple of glimpses of their lovely sculpted behinds – but I think we could have seen a little more, in my humblest of  opinions. Nonetheless, I can also appreciate the skill and effort it takes to put on such a sexualized performance where, put simply, the audience in essence is objectifying you and its completely okay. Everyone seemed to have a good time and that is really the most important part. Sometimes, we need a little naked (yet innocent) fun in order to revive and recharge our batteries in our otherwise routine driven lives.

[Review by Alessia Youkhanna]

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