Brody Jenner hits up Cabana Pool Bar

Summer has arrived! And so has  one of the Jenners. Toronto kept the party going after Canada’s big 150th birthday, by bringing Brody Jenner to DJ at Cabana Pool Bar.

Canadians loved to keep the party going the weekend following Canada Day, by enjoying hot weather, a dip in one of Toronto’s hottest pool bars, and dancing to the tunes that Brody Jenner was dishing out on this beautiful afternoon.

A busy day in Toronto with BudLight Dreams festival bringing out some big names in EDM and Jenner playing a set for a packed house at Cabana. We all know Cabana is Toronto’s hot spot to enjoy drinks by the pool, but this Saturday was exceptionally more busy! Although you would expect the good looking Jenner to bring out all the pretty ladies, that indeed was the case but with the perfect mix of bringing out a large crowd of good looking guys as well. Jenner had the entire place dancing throughout the entire day with the help of his hype man that keep the crowd very engaged with vocals and explosive dance moves. The duo was very interactive with the crowd by giving the ladies what they wanted…. Which was mainly a chance to get a selfie picture.

And in the meantime while you were waiting your chance to make eye contact with the handsome Jenner, there was many other things to keep you busy! People enjoyed the many pool tables, goodies from the Kiss 92.5 table who were handing out sunglasses and lip chap to keep you prepared in the sun rays, a beautiful Guess backdrop to take pictures to remember the fun day, and of course packed booths with bottle services where you can mingle and take a few mins to sit down or dance in the comfort of your Cabana.

Overall it was a beautiful day to be out in the sun enjoying tunes from Brody Jenner with the Toronto Skyline always in sight.

Don’t miss the next big names to appear at Cabana Pool Bar this summer and head over to their website to check out the events calendar.

[Photography by Melissa Campo]

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