#WapredTour INTERVIEW: To Write Love On Her Arms

What started as a way to help a friend turned into so much more. This year at the Darien Centre stop of the 2017 Vans Warped Tour I had the pleasure of talking to Elizabeth Wilder about what to write love on her arms is, how you can help and how they go theXTRAmile.

For all of our readers that don’t know, what is To Write Love On Her Arms?

Elizabeth: To write love on her arms is a mental health non-profit dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people who are struggling with things like addiction, depression, self-injury, and suicide.

Now I have been going to warped tour since 2008 and I always see you guys out here, what is it about Warped Tour and other music events that bring To Write Love On Her Arms Out?

E: There is a big call for the mental health scene because so many people relate to music and we want to be that bridge of hope and help that they can connect to when they are here listening to their favorite bands.

I have noticed that on Facebook and Twitter you guys share tend to share your blogs posts which happened to be different stories for many different people, how important is it that people share their stories?

E: We know how difficult it can be to share your story and we want people to connect to people in a way that they can say “oh that’s my story, I can relate to that, that’s my friend, that’s my sister or that’s my mom” and hopefully they would reach out for the help they need or reach out for the help that somebody might need 

With that being said, seeing as To Write Love On Her Arms Started on Myspace social media is a big tool for you guys and now it seems like these days there is a new social media platform almost every month/day how do you guys keep up?

E: It’s definitely hard to keep up because there is something new every day, like Instagram stories, Snap Chat stories, it’s kind of focusing on where we draw the most attention. Twitter is a big one obviously but I feel like every day there is something new and it’s just trying to scope out to how our message can be relayed on whatever platform is new.

I know that To Write Love On Her Arms usually has some sort of campaign going on is there any going on currently or coming up?

E: Yeah, well as soon as I get off of warped tour I have our yearly NSPW campaign coming up, the campaign name or slogan this year will be announced in a few weeks so watch out for that and then I’ll be planning our 5k again this year so watch out for that as well.

How can our readers help out or get involved with To Write Love On Her Arms?

E: You can look at our website www.twloha.com, there are endless ways to get involved whether it’s wearing a t-shirt, passing out info cards, hosting a supporter benefit or simply looking at our event calendar to see when we are going to be in your area.

 Now it’s quite obvious how To Write Love On Her Arms goes theXTRAmile in everything you guys do, but in your own words, How does To Write Love On Her Arms go theXTRAmile?

E: That’s an interesting question, um I think we really make an effort to hear people out and to see people out. Obviously, we are a non-exclusive, non-judgemental organization, so whatever your story is we want to know it and we want to be a part of it because we believe you deserve to be here.

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