Vans Warped Tour 2017 : Darien Centre Review

The Vans Warped Tour’17 made its local stop at the Darien Centre in Buffalo, New York on Thursday, July 13 for what we thought would be a rainy day of music. Before leaving our house all weather networks were calling for rain and flash floods all day it seemed like our concert gods were on our side because as soon as the doors opened the sun started to peek through the clouds, from then all the whole day was nothing but the sunshine and warm weather.

Courage My Love

After finally catching at a set of theirs during Canadian Music week we knew we had to watch Courage My Love at this years warped tour. Upon approaching the stage, they were already mid-way into their first song “Animal Heart” and we were happy to see that there was quite a sizeable crowd. From song to song it is evident that courage my love really knows how to perform. Playing songs like “Love Hurts”, “Kerosene” and “Need Someone” had the most of the crowd singing along. Sadly, we couldn’t stay for the whole set but from what we saw they were just as good as we remembered.



Bad Omens

Up next we decided to check out Bad Omens. We didn’t find out about Bad omens until we decided to really look into this year’s line-up and after checking out some of their music on Spotify and watching some live videos on YouTube we got quite excited to check out their set. In Fact, they were one of our top 5 bands to watch out for at this year’s Warped Tour. The first song of the set “Reprise” seemed to draw a number of people walking by to their stage and to be quite honest even though we wanted to see this band they completely drew us in. The whole band had endless energy and went hard performing every song some of which included “Broken Youth”, “The Worst in Me” and “Exit Wounds”. When Bad Omens perform they really perform.



Ah, Silverstein, one of my favorite bands. There have only been a few times where Silverstein has played a show near us and we couldn’t make it and this was definitely not going to be one of them. Back in 201, they were one of the first bands of the day and we were crushed that we missed them. Thankfully this year they played in the middle of the day. Silverstein played a number of both new and classic songs such as “Smile In Your Sleep” “Vices”, new single “Retrograde” and crowd favorite “My Heroine”. no matter how many times I see Silverstein play I never get tired, every time I see them perform it’s like the first time seeing them. Silverstein is an amazing and really fun band to watch. If you have never seen them before you need to check them out.




Beartooth is another band we decided to watch. Having also seen them a few times before we knew that their set wouldn’t disappoint. We were pleasantly surprised that they seemed to play most of their hit songs considering the amount of songs they have now. We don’t know what is it but it seems like Warped Tour brings out the best in Beartooth not like they indoor performances are bad (they are amazing) but they always seem to rock their sets on Warped Tour. With their heavy sound and killer stage performance they put on a killer set.




Andy Black

Even before Andy Black made is way on stage there was a swarm of girls yelling out his name clinging onto the fence behind the stage. I knew that Black Veil Brides and Andy had a huge following back never have I seen fans go this crazy for a band at warped tour in a while. The last time I saw Andy preform he put on an amazing show full of colourful lights and a ton of smoke. While it is kind of hard (pretty sure impossible) to use the colourful lights on warped tour he sure did bring the smoke. As soon as he made his way to stage, the screams that were coming from behind and in front of this made it feel like we were in a very very large crowd. Andy opened up with “Ribcage” directly followed by “They Don’t Understand”. Every time a song ended they screams were just as loud and honestly rightfully so, Andy really did have amazing stage presence. Andy closed off the set with “We don’t have to dance”. Overall we really enjoyed Andy Blacks set.

Other notable bands we saw were, I Prevail, Save Ferris, Attila, Hands Like Houses, Hundredth, and Memphis May Fire.

The countdown to Warped Tour 2018 is on!

HUGE thank you to Becky of Big Picture Media, Danielle Mardhal, Kevin Lyman, Live Nation and every single person who makes warped tour happen year after year!

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