Road to Nations with Chantal Bicket

1) Favourite part of competing?
         My favourite part of competing would have to be the grand total of two minutes on stage. Although it’s such a short time on stage, those two minutes give a competitor such a rewarding feeling. Months and months of 100% intensity, focusing on training, nutrition and a strict regimen. No one can quite understand the satisfying feeling of stepping on stage and feeling like all those months of prep were worth it unless they’ve competed themselves.

2) Least favourite part of competing?
         My least favourite part of competing would have to be the lack of variety of food. I have always been a big believer in enjoying what you eat, and that can be obtained in a healthy manner by switching up your intake of carbs,proteins and fats. When your diet is extremely strict, you start to miss out on nutrients that can be absorbed from other healthy foods.

3) Future goals after nationals?
         My future goals are endless! At the end of the day, as I continue to develop and build myself, new goals are constantly being made. Besides getting my pro-card, I would love to step on and own the Olympia stage, I would love to build my modelling career and eventually develop a business within the fitness industry. Only within the past year or so have I really understood how far I want to bring myself within this industry.

4) Why/how did you get into this sort of competition?
         My entire childhood/adolescent life revolved around hockey. I had my plans set on making Team Canada and building my empire around that. When I suffered from several serious concussions at Brock University, I was forced to quit, step back from my scholarship and find a new passion. That’s where my world was opened to bodybuilding. I now call it a blessing in disguise and believe that everything happens for a reason.

5) How does it affect your relationships?
As far as relationships go, I have lost many friends where our paths led us in different directions. Not many people understand why someone would want to put themselves through what competitors do.

6) Does your family support you?
My boyfriend is my biggest supporter! We live and breath fitness and health and are constantly finding new ways to improve and push ourselves. I love our dynamic! My family has always been supportive of me in going for my goals and my mom, dad and brother are always extremely encouraging.

7) Favourite cheat meal: WINGS

8) Favourite hobby: besides working out I would have to say reading! I have always been a bookworm; I could spend hours in chapters! Reading brings knowledge and the more knowledge I can gain, the more successful I can be in the future.

9) Any last words?
Success is a choice. This has always been a powerful quote used in my family all throughout my life. Put in the work, and don’t stop until you get to where you want to be. When you get to the end (where you want to be), get another goal and strive for that. ALWAYS push yourself to your limits.

[Interview by James Gomez]

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