#Interview Schyler London chats about Debut EP ‘Love Rebellion’

London, Ontario based pop singer Schyler London, is about to hit the Canadian charts with the release of her new EP Love Rebellion on October 27 via iTunes and Spotify. The lead single Beautiful is written and produced by a.n.g.e.l. Each track on the EP speaks out about love and empowerment and creates a beautiful melody behind the lyrics. We chatted with London about how the emotional pop ballad came about. Check out the interview below.

What was the inspiration behind your single “Beautiful”?
It was inspired by a conversation I had with my producer a.n.g.e.l. of Arrival Music Group, about some of the things I went through. I wrote the first verse, and he wrote the rest. It’s a way to remind myself and everyone who hears it, that everything we go through, makes us stronger and more beautiful. It’s a song about feeling empowered and feeling beautiful.

Can we expect the same sort of vibe for the rest of your music?
Most definitely. All the songs on my EP, Love Rebellion are about being strong, feeling good about where you are in life because everything shapes you into being you.

How do you go The Xtra Mile as an artist?
I’m constantly trying to improve on my vocals. I make sure I’m emotionally prepared to give it my all, whether it’s in the studio, rehearsing or with my fans.

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Love Rebellion – Track Listing:
1. Beautiful
2. No Good for me
3. Squats
4. Confidence
5. Falling
6. Kiss Somebody You Love
7. Memories

Schyler’s Socials and Website:

Instagram: schyler_london
Twitter: @schyler_london
Facebook: Schyler London

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