Candian Music Week is exactly one week away ( May 7th – 13th) and it has many amazing performers. While most people know about the “BIG NAMES” like 2 chainz, Belly, & The Used not many people actually know much about the smaller bands that actually make Canadian Music Week what it is. While some of the bands on this list may not be newly formed, they are acts that I personally just found out about and think that you guys should know about!

Here are my top 5 recently discovered that you should definitely not miss this year at CMW.

1. Good Kid

Saturday, May 12th – Monarch Tavern 9:00 PM

2. Birds Of Bellwoods

Wednesday, May 9th – Horseshoe Tavern 10:00 PM

3. VAN

Tuesday, May 8th – Drake Underground 8:20 PM

4. Whale And The Wolf

Saturday, May 12th – Rivoli 1:30 AM

5. Mount Farwell

Wednesday, May 9th – Cherry Cola’s 10:00 PM


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