Meet the Founders


Ever since elementary school, I realized I wanted to do something in the entertainment industry. Pop Culture has always been a huge passion of mine. Throughout my life, I’ve been to many different entertainment events, charities, parties, screenings, and different events worldwide. I’ve met many amazing people through different celebrities, and I learned a lot of them are regular people just like us. Many of my friends ask on a daily basis, “How do you meet this person?” or “How did you get in that event?” So I decided I’m going to blog about everything and all my experiences. I was inspired to open this website because I do want to continue pursuing my career to work in the entertainment industry one day, but also have a blog on the side which will allow me to share my experiences and thoughts with everyone else while I continue to do what I love. Remember if you want to achieve something, you have to always be willing to go that XTRA mile! Ta ta for now. Love, Michelle Moon.


It all started with the Jonas Brothers… when I had the rush of meeting them and realizing how amazingly nice they are, I just couldn’t stop. It went from the Jonas Brothers, then actors and actresses I adored… and then it just became a part of my life. I love doing what I do, as conventional or unconventional as it sounds to some people, it’s actually a lot of fun for me and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I made some of the best friends I could ever ask for, had experiences of a life time and truly realized where my heart is. Pop culture became a part of me and the life I’d love to continue. While the spotlight is not something I would ever dream of achieving, being behind the scenes is enough for me. Michelle and I were inspired by many to open a website like this so that people could read into our everyday lives and see how normal these people are (as nice or not nice they are… everyone has a personality!) and how we’re just little interruptions into asking them for a photo, or a question (as dumb as it may be), or even a hug. I’m a movie goer, music listener, plane hogger and entertainment addict. I hope you guys get a glimpse of what we’re all about and what we aim to be; bringing you the latest on everyday entertainment while going that XTRA mile! xoxo Reem

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